Roadside Assistance

I got into an accident and could not drive my car home. I called Roadside Assistance and they were so nice. They picked up my car in 30 minutes and delivered it to my house. It didn’t cost me anything! It was a wonderful experience. Not only did they pick my car up in record time, but they also worked hard to save me money and were very nice during the whole ordeal.

– Jessica G., TX
They worked hard to save me money and were very nice.


We saved $1,042, which is 25% off, on the cost of our daughter’s braces at a major chain. WOW!

– Carolyn H., TX


It is beyond my best expectations. I used it today and I have to tell you it was everything you said it was and more. I had a tooth infection, I called Teladoc and in less than 5 minutes a doctor called, in 1 hour I picked up a script. UNREAL…… Going to tell everyone I know how awesome this program is. Thank you, Thank you so much.

– Greg J., CA

Doctors Online

Doctors Online is one of my favorite bene ts. It allows you to email a specialist on any topic. Just in the past month I have asked the eDietician about the Paleo diet. I have talked with the ePsych about trouble sleeping. I asked the eDoc for advice on a bug bite on my leg, and even sent a photo to help his diagnosis. You get an answer from a reliable source and don’t have to do your own research online.

– Kendall E., TX


Today my wife was discharged from the hospital after extensive surgery. When I went down to Walgreens in the hospital to pick up her prescription, I found out the cost was going to be $974.94 for a thirty-day supply. I then gave them my discount card and asked them to the re-price the prescription using the discount drug benefit. The price came back at $364! Wow! Was I ever pleased.

– John M.
A 30-day supply went from $974.94 to $364…Wow, was I ever please!


I have good health insurance, but it does not include Vision. During a regular visit to my eye doctor with my daughters, I asked how the Discount Card could help out. I saved $212 on one pair of frames and lenses. I am already way ahead!

– Linda B, GA

Health Advocacy

My Dr. told me that I needed a minor surgery so I contacted my insurance company. After talking to them I was really confused on how to set everything up. My husband’s company had provided us with a service called Health Advocate as part of our benefits so I called to see if they could help. They walked me through the entire process and set everything up for me. They even audited the bills after it was over and saved me about $600. Great service!

– Stacie, TX
They walked me through the entire process and set everything up for me…. they even saved me about $600.