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Help Your Employees and Your Company

Employers are looking for ways to reduce healthcare costs, lower absenteeism, and improve the overall health of their employees. Meanwhile, employees are looking to save money on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. BenefitsPalTM can help – with both.

With services such as Teladoc, Health Advocacy and NurseLineTM, employees and their family members get the right medical help at the right time (even on weekends) to keep them healthy and productive. Savings on dental care, eyeglasses, contact lenses, lab tests and more will allow employees to keep more money in their pockets (or HSAs).

BenefitsPalTM services can save your company hundreds of dollars every time your employees use them.

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How Does BenefitsPal Work?

After an employee opts in, they will be sent their exclusive BenefitsPal Membership Kit and Membership Card in the mail. They may begin using benefits upon receipt. The BenefitsPal Membership Kit comes with an explanation of services and discounts available to the employee’s family, and for their convenience, the five closest participating providers to their zip code. To locate additional providers, they can visit, or call the phone number listed on the back of their membership card. The card can be used at a participating provider of the client’s choice, and must be presented at the time of service to receive the discounted price.  As an employer, you have access to client utilization reports for select products.

BenefitsPal Packages

  • HealthPal

  • HealthPal Premier

  • LifePal

    $11.50*/mo | $19.50*/mo
    Individual Family
  • BenefitsPal Premier

    $21.50*/mo | $29.50*/mo
    Individual Family
  • BenefitsPal Prime

    $26.50*/mo | $34.50*/mo
    Individual Family
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*100% employer paid per month pricing. For additional pricing options see packages page.

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